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What are the Core-Brilliance Types of Your Favorite Christmas Characters?

Ah, the story of Rudolph never ceases to entertain and inspire children of all ages.  And the classic video Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has been viewed countless times since its 1964 debut. Just for fun, let's take a look at the characters and how to type them from a Core-Brilliance … [Read More...]

11-year old STEP Whiz Shares How She Uses Core-Brilliance!

Ariella, an 11-year-old Truth-potential, uses STEP™ in her daily life to understand interactions with those around her. She's been using STEP™ for 3 years so far! Her mom shares, "Ariella seemed to just enter this world with a strong, clear value system of right and wrong. She's naturally … [Read More...]

Social Media Marketing (based on your market’s core brain pattern)

Social Media Marketing for Your Audience Based on Their Precise Thinking Patterns Builds Trust and Connection and a Desire to Work with You Personally! If you're ready to take your social media marketing to an unparalleled level, then it's time to start connecting with your audience from the … [Read More...]

Cheryl: Empathy-service

One of the most fascinating women I have ever met is my beautiful friend, Cheryl (an Empathy-service). We taught together for 5 years at the same school - me in third grade and Cheryl across the hall in special education. Cheryl says she always wanted to teach special ed. from the time she was … [Read More...]

He Almost Lost the Memory of the One He Loved Most

 ©Lisa Rae Preston Jake sighed with relief as the doctor’s words sank in.  “We’ll keep her tonight for observation, but I think she’ll be okay.  She’s a lucky woman.  Most people don’t survive an accident like that.” The clock read 10:23.  Just five hours before he’d been in a meeting, … [Read More...]