About Lisa Rae Preston and the STEP into Destiny™ Core-Brilliance Test™


Lisa Rae Preston, creator of the STEP into Destiny™ Core-Brilliance™ Assessment and author of Communicating from the Core™, has trained hundreds of clients, students, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs how to impact others by instantly connecting to their natural talents and core-genius.

She teaches her clients how to “step inside someone else’s brain, watch how they think and know exactly how it feels to ‘walk in their moccasins.'” Her Core-Brilliance™ training has revolutionized the connection between family members and loved ones as well as businesses and teams around the globe.

Lisa spent 17 years as an elementary school teacher, using creative strategies to make even monotonous “subjects and predicates” lessons fun! Today she blends the creativity and encouragement of a teacher with 29 years of research into personality theory and accelerated learning techniques to create Core-Connecting™ communication workshops for parents, speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs.  She and her team tailor-craft trainings for both small business and large corporations.

Lisa’s goal is to help bringing unity and healing to homes, teams, and bodies around the world.

When not analyzing brain patterns and masterminding with the STEP™ tribe, Lisa enjoys hosting elaborate Easter Egg hunts and growing unusual herbs, flowers and vegetables in her backyard garden.

You may reach her at lisa (at) stepintodestiny.com.

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