Amy Barkman: Potential-empathy

Amy Barkman, author and minister, lives her destiny through a primary Core-Brilliance™ type of Potential, followed closely by Empathy. Amy’s Potential-empathy is showcased in the many creative ways she brings people together around ideas for healing.

Whether it’s providing an Oasis of love for the lonely or a Voice of Joy Ministries retreat or workshop… whether conducting musicals, plays and puppet shows, or authoring books, Amy’s creative writing and drama skills as well as her genuine love for people spark excitement and hope. Amy’s special gift of encouraging and drawing out the inner strengths of others is centered around bringing inner healing and helping people of all ages see themselves through God’s eyes.

“I love to gather people to work to help each other: I love to help them overcome limitations, to champion them, to help them walk free of limitations.” She confides, “Nothing is sweeter than helping someone who’s been tormented walk free, into joy and confident hope!”


Amy’s Encounter with STEP into Destiny™

AmyB“Lisa, you are one of my heroes.   My husband and I rarely spoke.  We lived in opposite areas of the house.  After using STEP™, in just two weeks, he is coming into the kitchen and spending time talking to me.  You are changing lives.  It’s a miracle.  Thank you for helping my marriage heal, as we understand more clearly where the other is coming from.

“I know my learning will help other people  I worked with a lady for months and had her take the STEP™ test.  When she read her results, her face was transformed with joy, like she was accepting herself for the first time.  She’d always felt like a failure, but just reading her Core-Brilliance™ results seemed to bring inner healing.  She is living her life with more joy now. She said, ‘I’ve realized it’s okay to be me.’

“The Core-Brilliance™ training provided so much insight and confirmation.  I know what I am created to do – no question.  I see how my Potential and Empathy work together and why I ‘pick up’ so much information about people all the time.

“This training has helped me be so much more relaxed.  I’m just starting to walk into things I have dreamed for decades.  I’m 70 years young and proof it’s never too late to step into your destiny!”

~Amy Barkman


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My New Favorite Motivational Book – a Potential’s Delight!

slight_edgeJeff Olson’s The Slight Edge changed my life. I’ve read hundreds of self-help books in my lifetime, and I hail his as one of my top 3.

If you’re a Potential, dancing between quantum leaps and the daily hum-drum of life, this book serves up the mindset that will have you committed to reaching your dreams in a new way.

His methods are simple, yet profound and expansive.

The bottom line for me is, it’s not easy to move toward a gigantic dream. Small dreams – okay, you can map them out and make a plan of action.

But some dreams defy a plan. They’ve never been achieved before and you’re left without a protocol to follow.

Olson’s fix? Your vision and inspiration must be followed up by tiny, sand-grain sized actions, day after day, and soon you’ll hit that fork in the road where massive change takes place.

It’s no quantum shift, no hocus pocus, no huge mind-set change. But after successfully completing these ever-so-tiny actions again and again, you reach a “suddenly” that indeed appears magical. It’s the Water Hyacinth effect!

Ah, there is indeed a recipe to the coveted quantum leap. And Olson’s imagery and metaphors drive the plan home beautifully.

If you are a visionary, if you coach visionaries, The Slight Edge will bring life to your dreams, creative fuel to your coaching. His stories will renew your belief in the reach-ability of even the most colossal of dreams.

Take a look at my favorite story in the book. (You can read this in the “Look Inside” section.)


Interesting? That’s just the start! Olson goes on to tell you how you can also have this kind of amazing “effect” in your own life!

Check your local library or find it at I can’t recommend The Slight Edge highly enough! It’s motivated me to keep moving forward, while staying focused and encouraged!