11-year old STEP Whiz Shares How She Uses Core-Brilliance!

Ariella, an 11-year-old Truth-potential, uses STEP™ in her daily life to understand interactions with those around her. She’s been using STEP™ for 3 years so far!

Her mom shares, “Ariella seemed to just enter this world with a strong, clear value system of right and wrong. She’s naturally virtuous and expresses that in a very honest way.”

“I love her honesty. She doesn’t always volunteer information, but if I ask for an opinion or an idea, she’ll always give me the straight truth.”

Here’s a video of Ariella sharing how she uses STEP™!

Ariella is very concerned about accuracy. She states the facts and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. She also encourages others to say what they mean and mean what they say.

“I love that I can trust her completely,” confides her mom, “If Ariella gives me her word, that’s all it takes. I also love how she is so self-managed. She’s always been independent and almost raises herself.”

I asked her mother if Ariella showcased leadership abilities. “You know, while not an outfront bold leader, Ariella has quiet influence in a group. When she says something, people take notice. In a group of girls, she is never pressured to go along with the crowd.”

When not working on her schooling, Ariella enjoys caring for her baby sister.ariella

Ariella on STEP™

“I like STEP because it helps me understand people, things, and personalities. I use it all the time.”