3 Ways You Can Create Joy and Transform Relationships with Your Core-Brilliance

STEP into DestinyNow that you’ve gotten your Core-Brilliance™ results, you may be wondering what to DO with the information.  Let’s take a look at 3 specific ways you can use your Core-Brilliance™  to create more joy in your life and transform your relationships!


acbgfz0wFirst, realizing who you are and your own unique value makes a difference in how you interact with every other human being.  It is imperative that you realize your own value before you attempt to connect to others and help them see their strengths. 

When you’re clear on your own make-up and strengths, you stand tall in the face of criticism, strong in times of transition, joyful in your everyday interactions.  You’re the role model for others, and it’s easier to trust someone who has internally validated their own gifts.  (We really can tell when someone doesn’t like himself on some level, no matter how charismatic that person may appear.)

At STEP™, we teach people how to create strong, trusting relationships FIRST with themselves, THEN with their family members, friends, students, clients, and colleagues. 

Take a closer look at your results.  Highlight your top strengths.  Take the Core-Brilliance™ training or read the Communicating from the Core™ book to find out more about how your talents impact others.  The more you start believing in your own value, the more effective you’ll be at home and at work, and the greater peace you’ll have on a daily basis.

Wasting Time ServiceSecondly, understanding and getting along with those in your life who are your opposite type brings greater fulfillment.  When you’re able to connect with all types, you toss out negative drama and gain contentment and peace.  You communicate skillfully because you know how certain types think and feel and can speak directly to their needs.  You don’t take comments and actions personally because you understand the motivations behind them.  You can even build strong, trusting relationships with people who are your polar opposite, finding value in what used to tick you off.

Wasting Time PotentialThirdly, by knowing and understanding the Core-Brilliance™ patterns of those in your life, you have the power to impact them with the exact words that help them feel validated, valued, and strong.  You know the exact words to say that will bring out the strengths of your spouse, your son or daughter, or your friend who’s going through a hard time.  You can speak to someone directly at their point of pain or confusion and bring immediate light.

Knowing the Core-Brilliance™ patterns of yourself and others changes your entire paradigm of communication.  We’re often gifted at reading the needs of others, but when you know how to speak to each person based on his own personal core pattern, you make a memorable, lasting impact on that person.

Take a closer look at your results.  Celebrate those talents you find mundane.  They’re not as common as you might think!

You’re one-of-a-kind, and the world grows brighter as you walk in your destiny, calling, and core-brilliance!

 Lisa Rae

CoreBrillianceTrainingAre you a counselor, mentor, coach, speaker, author?  Would you like to discover how to use the STEP Core-Brilliance Assessment™ to connect with and impact your audience?  Find out how here.

Do you have a significant relationship issue?  Someone you love but just can’t  understand or with whom positive communication seems impossible?  Want to connect more deeply with your children, or create a more powerful relationship with your partner in life?  Learning more about the core patterns of those around you can bring the impact and closeness you desire.  Find out more about our Core-Brilliance™ Training here.

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Making Sure You Get Your Core-Brilliance Report and Updates if You Use Gmail

Google’s Gmail has a new system which filters what shows up in your inbox.  This new feature can be frustrating, because it may mean your STEP™ test results don’t make it into your inbox.  Here’s how to fix that.

Make Sure You Get Your Core-Brilliance™ Reports

Notice that just above your inbox, Gmail will now put your emails into 5 categories:

* Primary
* Social
* Promotions
* Updates
* Forums

Google doesn’t know you’ve taken the STEP™ test and automatically want your results.  So they put your report into “Promotions.”

That means the emails I send will bypass your inbox unless you take these steps.

How To Take Control of Your Inbox

Here’s what you can do to make sure we stay connected and you get your test results and updates to the reports.

#1 – Find one of my emails in “Promotions” and drag it into “Primary”

#2 – A pop-up will appear to ask if you want to do this for all future messages. Click “Yes”.

#3 – That’s it. Now you’ll get your report and the new versions as they come out.

BONUS TIP if you want to totally get rid of this new Gmail feature:

Go to “Settings” [the icon on the top right corner of your screen above your inbox] and select “Settings.”

Click on the “Inbox” tab and “Unselect” all categories but “Primary” and then click “Save Changes.”

That’s all you need to do to ensure that we stay connected so you can receive the new updates to the Core-Brilliance™ reports and new research on your Core-Brilliance™ type!

Talk to you later!

Lisa Rae Preston

*Special thanks to Michelle Schubnel for sharing these great tips on taking control of your inbox!

Find out more about your Core-Brilliance type and how others see you in the book Communicating from the Core!  Order your copy now!

Q&A About the STEP™ Test

What does the STEP into Destiny™ Core-Passion test™ identify?

STEP™ identifies the very core of a person’s motivations.  We’re looking at the thinking patterns, language patterns that stem from one focal area.  Every activity or thought stems from one of four core passions.

How can the  STEP™ Test help someone?

STEP™ benefits those who are looking for direction in life, such as what profession to focus on, how to define his/her dreams.  STEP™ also shares insight into developing powerful relationship building skills.  Those who take the STEP™ Training Course discover how to take their intuition and people reading skills/body language skills to the next level.  STEP™ shows you how to walk into someone’s head, take a look at the thoughts there and see exactly how the other person is seeing life.


How does uncovering your core passion provide direction in life?

It helps you live a life accentuated by your strengths.  When you know your core patterns, you realize what actions will fit those patterns and what actions don’t.  When presented with a choice, you can more accurately define and predict the success or decline each option would bring to your life.


How can STEP™ improve relationships?

It’s the closest thing to crawling inside someone’s brain and seeing things from their viewpoint. Once you understand what they’re really seeing, it changes the way you communicate with them.  You’re able to validate, honor, value another person in their own core brain pattern and language.  That means they’re going to get what you say at a deep level.  Otherwise, if you’re communicating with someone who has the opposite brain pattern as you do, your words become invisible to the person.  Meaning is foggy, even though you may feel you’ve explained something as clearly as can be.

When speaking a person’s core language, every word and the meaning behind the words become crystal clear and immediately usable.


How can STEP™ help parents?

Again, seeing things from your child’s point of view gives you insight into why they act the way they do and what motivates them. While some behaviors may look inappropriate to you, when looking out their window, the behaviors become totally logical.  Then, when you understand your child’s heart, you can appreciate him at a level that creates a stronger bond.

The time spent judging others can be redirected into appreciating their viewpoint and creating powerful connections.

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