Empathy Core-Brilliance™ Type

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We all have 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns operating in our brains, and we normally choose the one that is the most fun for us.

One of the patterns is called Empathy, and the Empathy centers on personalization and connection.  The main motivation is to consider how people are feeling and how you can help them feel better.  To the Empathy, feelings trump facts.

How the Empathy Thinks

If you walk into your Core-Brilliance™ pattern called Empathy, you see that here it’s really important to connect with others and help them feel accepted and happy. Here, we don’t like conflict, as it can hurt others. Let’s create a win/win situation so that everyone is excited about what we’re planning! Let’s look for people who seem sad and smile at them and say something encouraging to them. I think I will write a card to Janet, since she just got home from the hospital. Oh, and I will give Jerry a call just to let him know I am thinking of him today – since his mom died a year ago.

Here, in the Empathy home, when you stand at the window, you see that it’s very important to maintain harmony and create an atmosphere of peace. You champion the underdog, you connect with others in a way that shows you care about them. You concern yourself with what someone else might be feeling and how you can help bring them joy. When those around you are smiling and genuinely happy, there’s no better feeling in the world!

Opposite Pattern

The opposite Core-Brilliance™ pattern of the Empathy is the Truth pattern.   Misunderstandings can be common between the two types, as they have different definitions for 50% or more of common words and concepts used on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about the 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns and how they relate, you can get a taste in my book, Communicating from the Core™.  If you’d like to go deeper into the work and discover how each type thinks, reacts, is motivated and encouraged, then consider joining us in our Core-Brilliance™ or Core-Impact™ trainings.