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We all have 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns operating in our brains, and we normally choose the one that is the most fun for us.

One of the patterns is called Potential, and the Potential centers on creating new ideas and experiencing life in the imagination – a place of wonder and exploration.  The main motivation is to “become” and grow through epiphany and new understandings.  To the Potential, considering the possibilities is more important than engaging the here and now.

How the Potential Thinks

If you walk into your pattern called Potential, you see that here it’s really important to connect with your internal world of ideas and intuition. You trust your hunches. You’re on a quest to live a more meaningful life, to understand yourself and those you love at a motivational level. What really makes them tick? Let’s talk about the possibilities of our friendship. Let’s compare life to nature or building a house, or to going on a journey. Let’s think of a new idea! Imagine what might happen if we could create a perfect scenario for overwhelmed mothers! What if we could design a device that helped them sleep better? What if…?

Here, in the Potential home, when you stand at the window, you see that it’s very important to create something or think of a new idea that will benefit mankind. To start something that will grow and change the entire world, bring about a new respect for others. You delight in the multitude of ideas flowing in your mind – they’re all like little adventures waiting to be taken!

Opposite Pattern

The opposite Core-Brilliance™ pattern of the Potential is the Service pattern.   Misunderstandings can be common between the two types, as they have different definitions for 50% or more of common words and concepts used on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about the 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns and how they relate, you can get a taste in my book, Communicating from the Core™.  If you’d like to go deeper into the work and discover how each type thinks, reacts, is motivated and encouraged, then consider joining us in our Core-Brilliance™ or Core-Impact™ trainings.

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