STEP into Destiny FamilyOne of our core missions at STEP™ is to bring an effective and simple tool into every home.  A tool that…

… helps spouses connect at a deep level, even if they’re total opposites

…helps parents understand the minds and hearts of their children so they know how to nurture their unique gifts

…brings unity between siblings and parents alike

…creates greater peace and cooperation

…increases acceptance and forgiveness

…stops wounds before they can even happen

…reveals how to help your child learn in the most accelerated way, based on his/her Core-Brilliance™ type

We will post resources for parents and spouses here as they are available.


“The STEP™ paradigm helped me recognize my husband’s strengths more fully, and helped me let him off the hook for things I had perceived as weaknesses. We are a better, more complete, and happier team because of the way STEP™ taught us to appreciate each other. We see and make the most of what each of us brings to the marriage. It has made us better at our relationship!” ~Jamie Bartschi, MMT, MT-BC Music Therapist and co-founder of

“Lisa, I wish I’d had this information 20 years ago – it would have saved countless tears and frustrations!
“I finally am learning to see out my daughter’s lenses and understand how she experiences life. STEP™ has…taught me to see her as unique, with her own set of tools and rules for living life, different from mine, but perfect for her.

“For any parent to try to bring up children using only their own limited systems is going to break the child and teach them conditional love. Parents have to use these tools to understand all people and especially children, allowing them to feel understood and unconditionally loved. When you learn to see life as they do, you can use the language and tools that fit that paradigm.

“There is no question that this program saved my relationship with my youngest child, and I got it just in time to enjoy our last few years together before she moved on to higher education and marriage. STEP™ is humbling for a parent, giving the perspective to create respect for the children and all others. STEP™ expands possibilities. It makes sense out of our differences, making them beautiful instead of wrong. Bless you!”

~Judy Hansen, author of Trusting Spirit Now