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We all have 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns operating in our brains, and we normally choose the one that is the most fun for us.

One of the patterns is called Service, and the Service centers on taking action and experiencing life in the here and now.  The main motivation is to experience life through their senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.  To the Service, doing is more important than imagining.

How the Service Thinks

Here, in the Service home, when you stand at the window, you see that it’s very important to take action. You enjoy the feeling of experiencing, of creating shortcuts so things move ahead in an efficient manner. You may or may not be motivated to complete tasks by a certain time, but taking the action is what’s big time important. When you think of your loved ones, you wonder how you can serve them best or how you can do fun things together. You think of delightful experiences, of places you can go together and experience together.

The meaning of life for you exists in the action taking. Once you’re finished with one action, you’re ready for another and then another, until you’re tired and ready to sleep and start it all over again in the morning.

Opposite Pattern

The opposite Core-Brilliance™ pattern of the Service is the Potential pattern.   Misunderstandings can be common between the two types, as they have different definitions for 50% or more of common words and concepts used on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about the 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns and how they relate, you can get a taste in my book, Communicating from the Core™.  If you’d like to go deeper into the work and discover how each type thinks, reacts, is motivated and encouraged, then consider joining us in our Core-Brilliance™ or Core-Impact™ trainings.

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