STEP into destiny Stories
Once you start seeing the differences in the Core-Brilliance™ types, you will find yourself in the most wonderful (and often delightfully funny!) situations!  Our readers have shared hundreds of stories with our team, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to share your own epiphanies of how finding out someone’s Core-Brilliance™ type brought about a new understanding/improved the relationship.

To honor privacy, please do not use actual names of people, but use generic identifications, like “my daughter,” “our boss,” etc.  You can also change the names and can indicate that by putting the name in quotes.  For instance, “Jeffrey” is a Truth, and we totally started getting along better after I could see how he wasn’t trying to be irritating, but he was actually helping me get clear on our situation at work.

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Thank you for sharing your story of uncovering the Core-Brilliance™ of yourself and others!