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We all have 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns operating in our brains, and we normally choose the one that is the most fun for us.

One of the patterns is called Truth, and the Truth centers on proving information and bringing clarity.  The main motivation is to consider what information is coming through and how it can be proven true so that folks get the real scoop.  To the Truth, facts trump feelings.

How the Truth Thinks

If you walk into your pattern called Truth, you see that here it’s really important to find the real truth about a given situation. You are naturally a little skeptical and search for proof of what folks are proclaiming as the answers. You’ll research to the ends of the earth if you have to in order to find the real scoop. You don’t want anyone to be fooled or treated unfairly. Finding the right answers is paramount. Let’s find a “second witness” and a third! Let’s debate and sculpt our truth so that it’s as pure as it can get!

Here, in the Truth home, when you gaze out the window, you see that it’s very important to focus on finding the facts, throwing aside inconsistencies of thought. Yes, others may get their feelings hurt in the process, but it’s not personal. You’re doing them a favor, because they need to function from what actually is, not from just a wish or what is not. Here you seek new truth, new discoveries, new information that will clarify the truth you already have found. That’s a delight!!

Opposite Pattern

The opposite Core-Brilliance™ pattern of the Truth is the Empathy pattern.   Misunderstandings can be common between the two types, as they have different definitions for 50% or more of common words and concepts used on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about the 4 Core-Brilliance™ patterns and how they relate, you can get a taste in my book, Communicating from the Core™.  If you’d like to go deeper into the work and discover how each type thinks, reacts, is motivated and encouraged, then consider joining us in our Core-Brilliance™ or Core-Impact™ trainings.

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