Attention Coaches, Trainers, Speakers, and Mentors!

If you inspire others to reach their dreams…
If you help people connect with and develop their personal strengths and talents…
If you help your clients move past fear and inner obstacles and become unstoppable…

Then we’d love to increase your success by training you on how to use the STEP™ Core-Brilliance™ Assessment with your audience!

If you’d like to find out how to use our STEP™ Core-Brilliance™ Assessment to 

1. instantly see inside the brains of your clients and know what it’s like to “walk in their moccasins”
2. uncover their deepest fears, frustrations and speak precisely to help them move past these obstacles
3. increase trusting communication with your clients by matching your language to their dominant brain pattern
4. know the exact lingo that helps each core-brilliance type feel like a million bucks

then fill out this form and someone will contact you about using the assessment (currently free of charge) for your clients.

Here’s to helping others walk into their brilliant destinies!

Lisa Rae Preston