New discovery in psychology unveils how to read others' motivations and desires - accurately and easily!


"Finally!  Cutting-Edge Brain-Pattern Research Reveals The Secrets To Reading The Hidden Thoughts and Motivations Of Your
Loved Ones AND Yourself!"

Discover How To Use This Power
To X-Ray Another's Brain Patterns And
Transform The Lives Of Those You Love Most!


Dear Brilliant Friend,

       For the first time in history, it's possible to step inside someone else's brain, watch how they think and know exactly how it feels to "walk in their moccasins."

       You don't need expensive MRI scans or quantum software or even high-octane intuition.

       Now you can access the four types of Core-Brilliances™ and literally see and feel what it's like to live inside others' heads, think their thoughts, and understand exactly why they act the way they do.  You'll literally predict the behavior that's coming and anticipate needs before one word is spoken.

       The ability to connect this profoundly with others arms you with the power to transform their lives for good.  Based on a new discovery in psychology from our STEP™ research team, this ground-breaking Core-Connecting™ technique gives you the ability to see the precise perspective of others and their thoughts - in high definition.  

       Imagine knowing the exact words that help another person believe in herself...or having the power to awaken talents within yourself that you used to think belonged to "other personality types."

       If you're like me, you've agonized watching a loved one (or even yourself) struggle with low self-worth, negative belief systems, and paralysis.  How many brilliant souls have you met who couldn't seem to take one step forward, and you'd have done anything to help them, but no matter how hard you tried...

       ...they stayed stuck in their pain, unable to connect with you?

       Or perhaps you have a child with whom you haven't been able to connect on as deep a level as you'd like.  Maybe you have no idea whatsoever how to understand this one who has part of your own DNA (er, somewhere!).

       Imagine the delight of understanding the ways she thinks and why she acts in a certain manner.  Imagine connecting with and finally understanding his heart, being able to value and pull out his hidden talents and abilities.

This exact scenario played out in my own family. 

       I'd felt perplexed by my little niece.  She reacted to life so differently from the rest of the family.  Sometimes we didn't realize how to encourage her, and when we tried, she'd have a melt-down.  Even though I had studied personality theory for decades, this little one remained an enigma.

      Then one day, after the big AHA!, I was able to access her brain patterns and see inside her thoughts.  I understood the language that made her feel valued and important.  I saw the comments that frustrated her and separated us.

       I finally understood her.  And the result?

       I'll never forget the day she sat at my kitchen table after I started using some of her key language patterns, looked at me in astonishment and joy, and leapt up to give me a hug.  "I love you, Aunt Lisa!" she bubbled.

      And our relationship has grown stronger ever since.  I'm able to deeply value her gifts, so different from my own.

       For centuries, the lens into someone else's thoughts has remained obscured.  I mean, who really knows what goes on inside another's head?  But now, thanks to a revolution in human behavior theory, understanding yourself and your loved ones' inner functions has become a reality.

       We all long to have someone "get us." We feel validated and stronger when we're understood. 
When you understand someone and show him by speaking his language, revealing that you understand what's going on inside his head and valuing that - your relationship with that person takes on new depth, meaning, and life.

       This new Core-Connecting™ method of understanding people is changing lives every day. 

       Just this past week one of my clients told me, "You don't know this, but before I started working with you, I was preparing to leave my husband.  We'd endured 28-plus years together, but I didn't think I could stand living the rest of my life in such a hopeless situation.  After your training in STEP™, my husband has started speaking to me like he did before we were married!  I hardly know what to think of it.  You and STEP™ saved my family."

      You know the wild thing?  Only SHE did the training with me.  Her husband hasn't taken the first STEP™ class!

       Imagine what understanding the thought patterns of your loved ones could mean for your most precious relationships!

    Now this groundbreaking research is power-packed into the


STEP into Destiny's™
Core-Brilliance Training:

The Secrets To Reading The
Hidden Thoughts and Motivations
Of Your Loved Ones AND Yourself

Revealing... Precisely How to Connect
Others to the Power and Greatness
of Their Natural Strengths!


       In this groundbreaking training, I've pulled together my 29 years of personality research into what I consider to be the easiest way to understand another person - and yourself - period.

       STEP into Destiny's™ Core-Connecting™ Training is not your average personality test-training.  It literally unravels the mysteries of human behavior and allows you to INSTANTLY step into another's world and relate to his/her thoughts, feelings, insights, and emotions.

       By using Core-Connecting™ , you'll literally be able to "walk into the home" of another Core-Brilliance™ type, value and connect with their brilliance, and even access their gifts as your own - at will.

       That's what's so powerful about STEP™ and how it's different from any other test out there. 

        You are not limited to your core gifts and talents.  I'd always been taught that you're a certain type with certain giftings, and you should work to make those excellent.  Strengthening your weaknesses was a waste of time, as you could never really become brilliant in the talents from other personality types.

       But that's not the case at all!  You are a multi-dimensional person, capable of accessing any talent of any of the Core-Brilliance™ types.  Thanks to STEP™, you can use the brain patterns of the four types to access their strengths and abilities and make them your own.

       And by understanding the secret patterns of those you love, your bond and connection with them intensifies and takes on multi-dimensional joy.   We all long to have someone "get us."  We feel validated and stronger when we're understood.  I want to show you how to ensure that you "get" every single person in your life - no matter how odd his/her behavior has seemed in the past.

       When you understand someone and show him by speaking his language, revealing that you understand what's going on inside his head and valuing that - your relationship with that person takes on new depth, meaning, and life.

        And we're not just talking about connecting and communicating with your family and friends...

...STEP's™ Core-Brilliance Communication Training™ is Perfect for "People" Professionals such as


Social worker
Grief counselor
Career counselor
School counselor
Music therapist
HR officer
Physical therapist
Speech therapist
Occupational Therapist
Physician assistant
Child care worker


With STEP's™ Core-Brilliance Training™, You Can Communicate with Ease, Even with Individuals Who Used to "Rub You the Wrong Way!"

       Have you ever spoken with someone, think you're both on the same page, and then WHAMMO?  You discover weeks, months, even years later that you weren't even in the same book!

       One of the reasons for this misunderstanding is that the various core types have different definitions for the same words.  Mercy, love, truth, fairness, possibilities and betrayal (among thousands of other words) can mean the OPPOSITE to two people, depending on the lenses each person is processing through.

       Now, most of us don't realize our definitions are different. We look at others with our chins on the floor, as if the person is an alien when he doesn't get what we are stating so clearly.

       No wonder some relationships remain a struggle for so many!

       I'm about to show you how to end this cycle once and for all, by discovering how to see what your loved one is thinking and feeling, before he even says a word!

       Do you see how transforming that could be for your family and how you could build stronger relationships?  Let's take a look at how STEP™ has changed others' lives...

Testimonials from STEP™ Users...

"I'm thrilled that Lisa is finally releasing this life-changing program! I've been part of the beta testing and research for STEP into Destiny™ for the past three years, and it's totally changed the way I interact with my family, friends, and colleagues.

"STEP™ has given me the freedom to be myself, realize more of my own strengths, and have the courage to communicate from my heart.

"Plus, I 'get' people so much better now. I have the ability to not only read folks clearly, but to know exactly what language to use to help them KNOW I get them and that I care. I never could understand why I couldn't connect with some people before. Some folks seemed judgmental and aloof, and I'd misread them as if they were looking down on others. Once I saw their brain patterns, I realized that they simply didn't connect the way I did.

"Now I talk about STEP™ where ever I go, in my conferences and events. I have all my clients take the test so I know what's driving them and how to let them know I value where they're coming from.

"AND I've had clients want to hire me on the spot, as soon as I identify and start speaking to their core!

"Lisa's STEP into Destiny™ training program will make a huge difference in your interactions with others and your understanding of your own core motivations!"

~ Marnie Pehrson,, bestselling author of the Trust Your Heart series


"Lisa, you're going to be famous! This is amazing! I wish I'd had this information 20 years ago - it would have saved countless tears and frustrations!

"I finally am learning to see out my daughter's lenses and understand how she experiences life. STEP™ has…taught me to see her as unique, with her own set of tools and rules for living life, different from mine, but perfect for her.

"For any parent to try to bring up children using only their own limited systems is going to break the child and teach them conditional love. Parents have to use these tools to understand all people and especially children, allowing them to feel understood and unconditionally loved. When you learn to see life as they do, you can use the language and tools that fit that paradigm.

"There is no question that this program saved my relationship with my youngest child, and I got it just in time to enjoy our last few years together before she moved on to higher education and marriage. STEP™ is humbling for a parent, giving the perspective to create respect for the children and all others. STEP™ expands possibilities. It makes sense out of our differences, making them beautiful instead of wrong. Bless you!"

 ~Judy Hansen, author of Trusting Spirit Now



"Step into Destiny™" is a discovery that has altered my soul.  Seeing my self through the light of recognizing my core and my strengths has freed me up to enjoy and delight in who I am.  I've also become accepting of what I am currently not and that has been a great relief.  The burden of unmet personal expectations has been lifted by recognizing why the strengths of the other cores don't come easily to me. 

"I love being able to understand my friends and most importantly family by understanding their core.  When I look at them through core eyes their actions and words make sense in ways they didn't before.  Core training has given me freedom that thrills me.  Venturing into the houses of the other cores and trying on their strengths is enlightening. 

"This soul training is a daily process of unfolding all the possibilities of your soul.  What could be better!?

Thank You, Lisa!!!!"

~Rebecca Thalman


"In my career, I have seen a lot of hurt and pain in the workplace because managers, supervisors, owners did not care necessarily what their employees and one another's true passions were. I can see this being used tremendously in the workplace through increased productivity.

"I want to be able to speak the language and to recognize what is the Core Brilliance™ of my customers, my audience. I can build trusting relationship by speaking to their hearts. I know that dollars will follow.

"I feel a bit giddy! That is where I want to be with my clients and prospects, to develop that bond that develops trust. STEP™ is a tool that I’ve been seeking so many years. I am just thrilled that God has downloaded this to you and you have taken the step to give us the knowledge.

"Not only do I now understand myself better, but I will use this to help others to better understand themselves, too. I know without a doubt, Lisa, that this will have some tremendous results in my business as well as to my wife. So thank you!"

~Larry Tyler



"As a researcher there are very little Human Behavior Studies that resonate with me, but Lisa Preston's STEP™ Program which outlines the The Four Core Brilliance™ Types has caused me to reevaluate all my past research on marriage, couples, and Gender Dynamics.

Her extensive research, warm inviting style, and simple approach to marketing, relating, and communicating to each individual Core Type will give you a new awareness and equip you with daily practical tools to deal with those "difficult" and "complicated" people in your life, your family, and your business.

I am so impressed with the STEP Into Destiny™ Program and Marketing From The Core™. I am very grateful for you Lisa."

~Denise Wade Ph.D.
Researcher of Human Behavior
Relationship Expert



"For most of my life I'd been trying to pound a square peg into a round hole and unable to figure out why I couldn't make it fit. Once I took the STEP test, I began to see how everything in my life was driven by my core, and helped me recognize the signs to see what was driving my friends and family. Understanding what is at the core of someone's very being is a HUGE step in knowing how to reach them. Lisa has done an incredible amount of research for this project and is passionate about sharing it with others. If you want success in your relationships, understanding fundamental cores is a great way to start.

"The STEP™ test has given me more insight into who I am than any test I've ever taken. I believe that by recognizing my core, I am even more focused on nurturing it.

Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart. Your program really opened some doors for me."

~Joyce Moseley Pierce, author of Saving Nikki



"This class has been one of the most Life Transforming experiences of my life! I spent most of my 63 years feeling out of place, like I was missing something because I did not “fit in”. Being a Potential, this is totally normal! We represent only about 12% of the population! Now I can Embrace my strengths and use them to my advantage, instead of attempting to get rid of them!!

While I have spent my life learning to love without conditions, I would still feel emotional pain sometimes when people engaged with me in very short, abrupt statements of fact, free of emotions. I spent 44 years with a man I still love and appreciate, who talked this way, and I seldom even knew if he liked the gifts I gave him! Now I know why!! He totally cares and loves me deeply, however, he is using a language most meaningful to his own patterns! Our communication is getting richer all the time!

This class can help people finally understand themselves better, greatly improve relationships of ALL kinds whether immediate family, teaching, business, therapy, coaching, and so much more! You will love yourself and your children so much more! Your clients will love you! Even your angry neighbor will finally make sense to you!!! End the confusing battles of communication and come home to the Clarity and Peace STEP can bring into your life!! I cannot recommend this class enough! It brings a bigger Smile to every Step I take now!"

~Morgine Jurdan

In this revolutionary STEP into Destiny™  Core-Brilliance™ Training...


      You'll discover the four core-brilliance™ types and what life looks like outside each of their "windows"  (Honestly, if you saw outside your own lenses the same things they're viewing, you'd react in exactly the SAME WAYS they are!)

       You'll find out how to tap into the endless fuel in your own core, giving you more energy, physically and emotionally.  When you operate from your core, life is more exciting, more peaceful, more fulfilling.  You walk around smiling more and others are automatically attracted to you, because you're living from your core - exhilarated and alive!

       You'll tap into the amazing secret of persuading others to see the brilliance and strengths inside themselves.  Imagine having the power to transform the low self-esteems of others by showcasing and connecting with their Core-Brilliance!  It takes your ability to change your world for good to the next level.

       You will see how to decipher the exact language and brain patterns of your loved ones and anticipate their needs and desires before they even voice one word.  Past events that may have felt confusing or painful suddenly become crystal clear, and irritations with others melt away.

       You'll access the quickest ways to dissolve the kind of conflict that tears relationships apart.  Opposite types think differently, react differently.  When you see how other core types show their love, you'll be astonished at the changes in your relationships!  Actions that formerly ripped through hearts are seen exactly for what they are and not taken personally.

       You will know what comments lift your loved ones up, and which can take the wind out of their sails (again, you will be shocked that some comments that send you skipping through the field with joy can feel like a "stab in the back" to another!)

       You will tap into the secret to strengthening intimacy with your spouse both at a soul and physical level.

        You'll discover how to use the Core-Brilliance™ pattern of your spouse to make him/her feel like a million bucks (and how he/she can do the same for you!)  Using this technique weekly can potentially affair-proof your marriage!

       You'll find out how to think through your child's brain and really show the depth of your love in a way he'll "get."  Result?  More respect and joy within your most precious relationships, and the knowledge that you're supporting them in ways that literally mean the world to them.

       You'll gain the secret to moving past intimidation by others.  When you understand the core motives and thoughts of someone, you are no longer intimidated.  You develop a deeper respect for and ability to honor others in a way that takes the fear or sting out of relationships that you may have actually dreaded in the past!

       You'll discover how to understand your loved ones' "definitions" of certain key words (which may be the opposite of your own).  With a clearer understanding of how they're wired to think and feel, you'll avoid arguments and misunderstandings, and have a more peaceful home.

You'll experience increased epiphanies - With Core-Connecting™, your ability to pull together strands of information into new tapestries of understanding grows easier.  Your AHA's and epiphanies increase exponentially!

Your creativity expands when you start activating all four Core-Brilliance patterns inside yourself.   New solutions, additional possibilities and new patterns emerge instantly!

Your intuition naturally becomes more fine-tuned.  Core-Connecting™ shows how seeing inside someone's brain helps you see inside their soul. You're easily able to mirror their beauty back to them!

Enroll in the STEP into Destiny™ Core-Brilliance Training Now!

    The training includes 5 recorded trainings and 5 live training calls.  (One recording and one live call per week)

Dates for 5 Live Calls: Thursdays, October 24, 2013   - November 21, 2013
Time: 3:00 Eastern/2:00 Central/1:00 Mountain/12:00 Pacific

   Core-Brilliance Live Training Call #1  
  October 24, 2013

Here's where we lay the groundwork for the training.  We'll cover class member introductions, information on Private Facebook Group, and how to get your personal questions answered about your relationship concerns.

On the first recording which you'll receive upon enrolling, we'll dive in and discuss all four Core-Brilliance™ types (Service, Truth, Empathy and Potential), including their motivations, brain and language patterns. 
Note: Make a list of the folks most important to you.  Come ready to uncover their hidden motivations and patterns, and be empowered to connect with them at deeper levels, understand and anticipate their needs.  You'll love the eye-opening results!


   Core-Brilliance Live Training Call #2   
  October 31, 2013

We're going to delve deeper into the Service Core-Brilliance™ type.  While 70% of the population prefer this pattern, they're quite varied and may not even get along with each other. 

You'll find out how to identify a Service by body language and speech patterns. 

Then you'll learn the exact phrases that Services respond to most and how to craft your language to connect in a way that opens the Service up to trust you.

You'll see how to encourage, motivate, and champion this wonderful type. Watch your connections with the Services in your life grow stronger and more joyful!

We'll touch on the Potential type as well, since it's the Service's core opposite.  Here's where brain-drain takes place  - where relationships can grow boring as heck and your energy can be drained in a matter of minutes.  We'll talk about the differences in these core types and how to understand each other. 

It's the "creative genius" VS the "literal, linear thinker"  - WOW!  You'll see how opposite their definitions can be as well as find out how to crawl inside their brains and take a look around at the scenery.  We'll find out what to do when what's meaningFUL to one type is meaningLESS to the other!


     Core-Brilliance Live Training Call #3   
   November 7, 2013

We're going to delve deeper into the Potential Core-Brilliance™ type.  Potentials are the rarest type, and many Potentials feel profoundly misunderstood by those around them.  We'll delve deep into this core, seeing how they think from an opposite perspective than the Services.

We'll talk about how Potentials can manage their expansive internal creativity and the mood swings and even depression that often accompany their gifts.

You'll find out how to identify a Potential by body language and speech patterns. 

Then you'll learn the exact phrases that Potentials respond to most and how to craft your language to connect in a way that opens the Potential up to trust you.

You'll see how to encourage, motivate, and champion this wonderful type. Watch your connections with the Potentials in your life grow stronger and more joyful!


     Core-Brilliance Live Training Call #4  
   November 14, 2013

In our next two sessions, we'll discuss the other core opposites, the Empathy and Truth types.  Here's where relationships can get the most volatile and deep wounding take place.  So much healing can occur when we learn how these two types view their worlds!

While the Service and the Potential core types revolve around what's "meaningful," the Truth and Empathy Core-Brilliances™ deal with what's right, moral, compassionate.  And you guessed it!  What one type sees as loving, the other sees as downright immoral.

Unravel the mysteries of how the nurturer and the objective truth seeker can connect - without sending someone to the ER!

Session #4 opens up the Truth type.  50% of the world considers this type "home" while another 50% find this pattern confusing and intimidating.  Why?  You'll find out in this lesson that some say is worth the investment of the entire course!

You'll find out how to identify a Truth by body language and speech patterns. 

Then you'll learn the exact phrases that Truths respond to most and how to craft your language to connect in a way that opens the Truth up to trust you.

You'll see how to encourage, motivate, and champion this wonderful type. Watch your connections with the Truths in your life grow stronger and more joyful!



   Core-Brilliance Live Training Call #5
  November 21, 2013

On our final training, we'll delve into the Empathy Core-Brilliance™ pattern.

Again, 50% of the world considers this type "home" while another 50% find this pattern confusing and intimidating.  We'll talk about how the Empathy can live his gifts and destiny and build healthier, stronger connections with every single person in his sphere!

You'll find out how to identify an Empathy by body language and speech patterns. 

Then you'll learn the exact phrases that Empathies respond to most and how to craft your language to connect in a way that opens the Empathy up to trust you.

You'll see how to encourage, motivate, and champion this wonderful type. Watch your connections with the Empathies in your life grow stronger and more joyful!

We'll also have our Wrap-Up session to answer any remaining questions and  relationship concerns. 

We'll discuss how STEP™ can help you really live life to the fullest, to reach into your core and bring out the treasure you may not have known was buried within.  We'll also talk about how the entire family - even children - can use STEP™ to grow closer.

You'll have discovered how each person in your family sees, feels, and thinks and how to connect with them, show them you "get" them, and enjoy each other more!  You'll find yourselves laughing more, loving more, and consistently celebrating each other

      Note: All phone classes will be recorded, in case you cannot attend a class live.

Special Access to our Private Facebook Community- Interact with other STEP into Destiny Members!

       Core-Brilliance™ trainees will also get private access to our Private Facebook Core-Brilliance™ Community, where you can chat with others who are taking the training.  We'll use this venue as a way to expand upon our learning each week.

       Maybe you are wondering how to use Core-Connecting™ to create a stronger bond with your children, or you have a spouse with an opposite brain pattern and wonder how to know what he/she is thinking.  I want to make sure you get the answers you're seeking.  That's why we have our private group and email submission.

     Your Private Questions Addressed Confidentially

      When you have a personal question, sometimes it's nice to be able to ask privately and then have someone speak to your issue on the call.  During the training, as you interact with the material, when questions arise, you can email them directly to Lisa and she will address your situation anonymously.  Again, we want to make sure your concerns are taken care of during the training.  If preferred, you can also schedule a private consult with Lisa or a trained STEP consultant at the trainees special rate. 

 That's Five Transformational Recordings, Five Live Training Sessions, All Course Materials, Private Community Access! 

What's My Investment?

     What would it be worth to you to connect with your family and loved ones at a profoundly deep level?  What's the value of bringing more unity and understanding into your home?  How about the ability to read others' patterns and communicate with them in a way that transforms their lives?  Could you be a more effective partner, parent, coach, entrepreneur, counselor?  How about tapping into your own brilliance and discovering how to magnify it? 

       The value STEP™ adds to your live is truly incalculable.  Once you take the Core-Brilliance™ training, your life will never be the same.  (Take another look at the testimonials from folks who've had their lives changed by this new research.  See below.)

       As you can see from the testimonials, many people who take our training say that the benefit they receive is priceless. We provide you with insights and tools you can use immediately in your interactions with others to see immediate effects.

       This level of depth and insight into the human mind is available one place.  Our STEP™ research is proprietary and will expand your understanding of the whys and motivations behind what we do.   I would love to magnify your ability to affect your destiny and the lives of those you love most. 

      Your investment for TEN life-transforming sessions with the new research and personal attention on the LIVE Group Coaching Calls is $997

        That's ten complete training sessions AND access to our interactive community for just $997!   (If you'd like to take the class via Independent Study, which includes the 5 recorded sessions, that option is $497.)

Take the Next Step!

        If you want to uncover the talents that emerge from your own core, if you long to connect more deeply with the wonderful folks in your life with whom you're blessed to call family and friends , then you will want to sign up for this revolutionary Core-Brilliance™ training.  STEP into Destiny's™ Core-Connecting™ techniques will forever change how you perceive yourself and others, and give you the tools to create deeper intimacy with those you love most.

       Let me tell you what it’s like to be your son and think through his brain.  Let me show you how your daughter's thought processes work and how to anticipate her needs instantly.  I can even show you how your spouse works through his/her own thoughts and why he/she feels so strongly about certain things.

       You'll walk away from this training with new insights about the ways you think of your own value and the value of others.  These new beliefs will remove stress from relationships, bring more intimacy and stronger bonding with those who mean the most to you.

And I want to make sure that you are 100% pleased with your training.  Go ahead and access the first lesson AND first live training class.  If you're not thrilled with the life-altering content and convinced at how this material can magnify your impact on the world, then let me know before the second training arrives, and I will cancel the remainder of your training and refund your investment on the spot.

We want to make sure you are served in the highest and best way throughout our training process!


Special Note

       This exclusive training is only offered through STEP into Destiny™ and we no longer offer the class to everyone who wants to buy it.  In fact, you'll notice there is no buy button on this page.

       That's because we want to talk to you, to get to know your mission, your aim for taking this program.  We'll commit 100% to making sure your goals are met.

       If you have a relationship that's causing pain, we'll work with you to strengthen that relationship through precise communication, to help you learn what the other person is thinking and feeling from the core and how to reconnect.

       If you have felt like the "black sheep" in your family or like you never "fit in" growing up, then we'll help you see your own brilliance more clearly - to strengthen your own perception of your strengths and talents.

         If you want powerful connection tools to use in your life, with your family, friends, co-workers, clients, and/or audience, then we'll equip you to use STEP™ expertly to communicate with ease.

       If you're the person who is committed to inspiring others to master their brilliances and achieve their dreams, we'll show you the keys to inspire each core type to excellence.

       If you're passionate about impacting others to move past obstacles and walk in freedom, confident and sure, then we'll show you the exact language to use for each core to do that.


Are You the Perfect Fit for this Training?

       We're looking for individuals who fit with our mission and we fit with theirs.  If 

1.  you are excited about learning how to use this life-altering communication tool to connect with every person in your life in a more powerful way

2.  you are teachable and ready to commit 100% to the program, to listen to the recordings beforehand, to come ready to ask questions and get the most out of the live trainings

3.  you are ready to impact the lives of others by helping them see their own brilliance and use it to reach their dreams

4.  you want to be an advocate for peace and understanding where ever you go - you are ready to step up to the plate, mend hurts and create connections that bring joy

then we'd love to speak with you about expanding your Core-Brilliance™, impact and influence though our training.


If you resonate with the majority of these statements, then fill out the application below.  A trained STEP specialist will contact you within 2 business days to schedule an interview and discuss the various options for enrollment and payment schedules.



I look forward to meeting you  in this revolutionary communication training!  Your ability to impact the lives of others and your own family is about to skyrocket!

       Blessings on your journey as you STEP™ into your destiny and help others step into theirs!!

       Lisa Rae Preston, M.Ed.



Testimonials from STEP™ Users

"The Core Brilliance™ work has changed the course of my life, and I mean that literally. I have spent 3+ years and tens of thousands of dollars in 'Guru' marketing programs. Nothing seemed to fit with me and nothing worked. I tried to 'fit' me into something that I was not. The Core Brilliance™ program not only emphasized how I am important in the world, it made me aware of my natural language and the language of my ideal clients, as well...

...The level of confidence that I now have has brought me out into the marketplace (and in my personal life too) in the most effective and beneficial way. I know how to speak in an authentic way that engenders trust and rapport. That's worth a fortune to me. Thank you, Lisa, for your extraordinary research, intuition, and brilliance to bring this work into the world.

Judy K Katz, MCC, author, speaker


"Lisa, the STEP into Destiny™ has affected all aspects of my life. My relationship with myself, my husband and sons, every person in my sphere. We are starting to really get each other, and my home is moving from stress into peace.

"A few months ago I was done with my marriage of 30 years.  My husband and I were barely speaking, and I couldn't bear thinking of living the rest of my life in misery.  After I started consulting with you and learning about the cores, I started speaking to my husband in his core language.

"The results were amazing and instantaneous.  We're not only still together, but the feelings of love we had early on in the marriage have returned.

"And I love that it doesn't take both husband and wife to take the program to see results.  I have learned the material on my own, shared it with my husband, and we are both using it to build a stronger relationship!"



"Over the years I have taken many personality tests, most of which have been helpful for me, but STEP™ speaks to me on a deeper level because it looks at how the brain filters and processes situations differently for each Core Brilliance™. I love how Lisa describes it as walking into someone else's home and looking out of THEIR windows to see how differently the scenery looks from their point of view as opposed to mine.

The STEP™ program has helped me personally and professionally by giving me permission to "step" into my strengths without reservation. But I must say, the best part for me was learning that it is totally OK (in fact normal and maybe even a bit necessary) for my desk to look scattered and disorganized even though my husband's desk is clean and perfectly organized. I love having evidence that my way is full of 'Potential'!"

~Carolyn Cooper, creator of SimplyHealed™,


"Lisa used STEP™ concepts in consulting with me on my latest book. She helped me identify my market's Core Brilliance™, and showed me how to write the book to the interests and language of my market.  From the chapter titles to the language throughout to stirring chapter endings that encourage my reader to excitedly turn the page and keep reading - the insights in the STEP into Destiny™ program are incredibly powerful!

STEP™ is different and far better than any personality test available. I believe STEP™ is Heaven's Blueprint for solving interpersonal communication problems. STEP™ is cutting-edge research on brain and language patterning to help people identify and power up destiny. And Lisa is a master at communication and relationships.

All of Lisa's STEP™ program are incredibly valuable. I'm particularly fond of STEP™ Core-Destiny Mapping™ which helps people regain relationships with families members (loved ones) who are lost or distant, including spouses and children.

Lisa's STEP™ programs will help you, your family, and your work. The bottom line is this - STEP™ allows you to serve more people better."

~Dr. Joseph Peck




"The STEP™ paradigm helped me recognize my husband's strengths more fully, and helped me let him off the hook for things I had perceived as weaknesses.  We are a better, more complete, and happier team because of the way STEP™ taught us to appreciate each other.  We see and make the most of what each of us brings to the marriage.  It has made us better at our relationship!" 

 ~Jamie Bartschi, MMT, MT-BC  Music Therapist and co-founder of


“STEP into Destiny™ has been a real eye-opener for me.  I've used many personality instruments over the years, but thanks to STEP™ I now better understand how different people process things, why they view the same situation differently, and why they don’t all respond like me!

"This knowledge has helped in my relationships with family, friends and co-workers. I even understand myself better! 

"I find myself analyzing others and "talking STEP™" at every turn.  The information is so easy to understand and implement in real life!"

~ Carol A.


“While I've retired and my children are grown, I still find a scattering in me that prevents the continual flow of peace I so love.

"STEP into Destiny™ is helping me explore the parts in me that seek to fragment and prevent me from going straight forward in total fulfillment!

"My contemplative nature blends well with my desire to bring people into a place of joy.  But the duty to attend to daily activities tugs against me and creates guilt.  I want to bring all my gifts together into a gentle flow, without disconnects and static.

"So, here I am at 71, hoping to be knit together within and to make myself at home in all the areas of brilliance with which God designed me.

"God bless Lisa Preston.  I once was her teacher.  Now she is mine!"

~ Dr. Katy Houp, Ph. D.


"Ever since I first heard about Lisa's STEP™ concepts at the Light the World: Birthing Your Destiny conference in Zion's National Park, I have used it constantly. STEP™ has been a huge gift to the way I interact and understand others - both in business and personal life. And I LOVE it!

"If you want to understand and value the people in your life more, then STEP into Destiny™ is THE program that will help you do just that. Instead of finding yourself angry at others over the "little things," you'll see right through their actions into their motivations - which are often very innocent and pure. We just misunderstand, due to our different lenses.

"I feel so much more personal power, knowing how to connect correctly with my husband, children, family and friends. It's made me a happier person in general and wiser over all.

"Go STEP™! Lisa, you are awesome!"

~Martina Muir, author of The Light Plan


"Lisa I have really enjoyed your teaching and since I took the STEP™ test and found out I was a Truth/Service, which nailed me to a tee, as I am a probation officer. Since the training, I have been trying to figure out which house people are living in and it's making me look at people in a whole different way. Thank you so much for stepping into your destiny and sharing this truth with me.

"When the first training was over I realized that my wife and I are core opposites! Then it hit me that Christ lived in all the STEP™ houses with ease, and His life is a model for us to emulate.

"I can not wait for the training tomorrow so I can more easily understand people and what house they are in when I am speaking with them, so I can speak to them in a better way. Again thank you for listening to God and following His voice and for bringing into the light what He has given you. God bless.""

~David Bean


"Lisa's STEP™ insights have transformed the way I view both myself and others! Her passion for understanding others and communicating that understanding has shown me how much value there is in examining our relationships from a 'Core-Brilliance™' standpoint. I am truly living more from my strengths and creating much healthier relationships!"

~Amy Oliver, LMT Health Coach, Living Health


"Lisa’s STEP™ program is amazing and so enlightening! It definitely helped me in understanding my relationships with others, particularly my husband. However, more than that was the understanding of myself that I achieved. I’ve always felt different, or that I couldn’t explain why I did things a certain way, other than I just did. Learning the traits of being P-e (Potential-Empathy) helped me to embrace my gifts on a deeper level and accept that I am just right the way I am. Thank you Lisa."

~JoAnna Ashley


"Lisa, I'm so amazed at how easily and quickly the information in STEP™ slips into an applicable form. It seems to automatically surface in my everyday interaction with others without effort on my part. Thank you! It has already helped me so-o-o much in my family life. (I live with an opposite.) Remarks that used to prick me inside are now brushed off with a giggle. I almost feel that I'm "the cat that swallowed the canary." I've tried to better understand my opposites all my life and yet all along it was so simple with the information you shared in STEP. I hope you can realize how much this program is needed. Success to you and your students!"

~Euna Freeman,


"I have been studying personal growth and development for over 30 years. I'm a certified Enneagram teacher through the Enneagram Institute, certified NLP practitioner, certified self esteem facilitator and life coach. Lisa Preston's STEP into Destiny™ class brought a whole new dimension to my understanding of human nature.

"It came at a time when my mother was in hospice care. She died the day before the last class. STEP™ helped me to see my relationship with my mother, husband, children and other family and friends in a new light. The similarities and differences in each Core-Brilliance™ described in STEP™ clarified some areas for me that have not necessarily been addressed in any of my other trainings.

"Lisa's caring and honest approach make learning STEP™ quite easy. I could easily identify with the descriptions of the passions as if she were talking directly to me. I look forward to more of Lisa's STEP™ trainings and the insights to be gained from this material."

~Dr. Lorraine Cassista,


"STEP™ is a very powerful tool.  I feel this information is a revelation from God.  The language you use to describe the different types is so powerful.  The entire system is well-developed and the sequence of lessons is very well-structured.  STEP™ is a tool that’s practical, relevant, easy to relate to, and it’s blessed both my social and personal life.

"I've started using this framework to look at people around me.  STEP™ has helped with my practical daily interactions with coworkers.  I realize their actions aren’t personal, but they're operating from their actual design.  When I get frustrated in a relationship, I realize that it’s because someone has a different brain pattern than I do.  It’s helped me see people from the other side of the bridge. It will be great to learn more about what you are doing with STEP™, especially in the area of parenting and the workplace."

Deborah Baofeng Wang, PhD, Educational Psychology


"Lisa, I was so impressed with your STEP™ test - it absolutely toe-nailed me as far as revealing my internal motivations . I couldn't believe a free test could tell me all that!

"I know your training is going to be used to help restore marriages and bring healing.

"I am excited about working to help get the message of STEP™ out to others!"

~Rick Larie


"Lisa Rae, thank you for answering the questions I've been asking for years!   No one I spoke to ever seemed to know the answers or how to find them, and now, here you are, sharing the exact insights I've longed for!

"By the way, I could KISS you right about now! LOL And that's with my limited exposure.  I can't say I OWN STEP™ yet - I need to roll around with it and talk to it and let it keep talking to me yet, some, BUT.....had a phone call with a client who wasn't wanting to pay us. I finally recognized his core brain pattern and found the right words to speak and *poof* he couldn't wait to pay us and wow, after this discussion he is CERTAIN that we're who he's supposed to work with!"

~Dawn Clark








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